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Medieval Chess Boards





Byzantine Chess

   An ancient version of chess played on a round board long before Mad Queen Chess (modern chess). The circular board vied with the square one for over a thousand years. Originally, the Queen was a glorified King, moving only two spacesin each direction. Not very effective on a square board, but a round one.....? This fun two player game adds new excitement for any chess player: imagine a castle putting a King in check from two different directions at the same time. No longer will it be possible to fight a one front battle. You must protect your rear, for your opponent can attack from either side.




Chess of the Four Seasons

An exciting four player version of chess, where each season battles with the next season while defending against the preceding season for dominance. Who will win? Only you will decide.






Chaturanga Chess

Also called Chess of the Two Kingdoms, this fun four player game is played using teams. There are no Queens, only the King's side of the board. The object of the game is to capture both the opponents Kings. If you lose your King, don't despair. Your ally moves pieces for you. But be of good cheer: if he captures one of your opponent's Kings there is a hostage swap, and both Kings come back on the board, and you are in the game again! But be warned: if you are capturedd again, there is no coming back!






Citadel Chess

A unique medieval chess game that is on a 10x10 board with "towers" in each corner. Several things make this an exciting experience for any chess player. The first is an extra piece called a Dabbabas. The second is that a King can seek sanctuary on your opponent's side of the board by entering one of the "towers", where he can no longer be taken, resulting in a draw.





Decimal Chess

This version of chess is played on a 10x10 board. It adds a new piece called a Camel, whose move is a cross between a rook and a knight. Don't be fooled, this isn't just your average chess game. Not only is it more challenging, but most of your opening moves will no longer work. Great to play for added variety.





                                             Oblong Chess

Also called Corridor Chess, this unique chess set is ideal for two players of unequal skill. For there is an element of chance. One must roll a six sided die, to determine which piece will be moved.